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  • Joe Perrone, Guest Blogger

Three Rs


We all know we need it.

We wouldn’t dare leave the house with a low battery on our cell phones.

Or jump on the highway with the gas tank on E.

Yet, we allow ourselves to go through life without a regularly scheduled recharge?

We use excuses to justify our go, go, go lifestyle.

We believe that the world revolves around us.

If we stop, it stops.

Sometimes our excuse is that we don’t have enough….


But millions go on vacation every year.

You know why?

They scheduled it.

They planned it.

They booked it.

They enjoyed it.

It is time to learn beyond any doubt that scheduling time for ourselves is vital to our overall well-being.

If scheduling time for yourself seems impossible. 

Guess what?

It is for most people.

Except for the ones that actually do it.

Start by scheduling a regular day off per week.

A day of regeneration.

Once that is a habit.

Schedule a vacation.

It could be a luxurious weekend getaway.

Or a week-long retreat.

Allow yourself space within your trip to think, to dream, to listen to silence.

Ask yourself deep questions like what do I want: to do, to see, to be.

Write the answers down.

Enjoy this time. 

It is your creation.

Be pleased with yourself for focusing on your self-care.

Then when you get back from your recharge.

Focus on weeding the garden of your life.

Pull up those tasks that are not essential to you living a life of freedom.

Disassociate with people that do not value your time. 

Make a habit of creating white space in your daily schedule.

Life will become easier.


When creating a life you love,

Every day can be a vacation.

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