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South Africa

Seasons in Africa are the opposite of North American seasons, so its autumn runs from March through May and spring runs from September through November.  


In general, the best months for an African safari are September, October, March, or April, when temperatures aren't so scorching-hot. The average summer temperatures reach 90° F in Kruger National Park and 80° F in Cape Town, along with extremely high humidity.


Average winter temperatures dip to 69° F in Cape Town and 77° F in Durban.

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Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, in northeastern South Africa, is one of Africa’s largest game reserves. Its high density of wild animals includes the Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos. Hundreds of other mammals make their home here, as do diverse bird species such as vultures, eagles and storks. Mountains, bush plains and tropical forests are all part of the landscape.

Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum, close to downtown Johannesburg, gives life in remembrance to the notorious system of racial discrimination that became synonymous with South Africa from 1948 (when the white-minority National Party was voted into power) until 1994, the year in which the country held its first fully democratic elections, when a  New South Africa was born. Read more here


House 8115, Vilakazi Street, Orlando, Soweto, has become one of the most famous addresses in South Africa.  It is the house where former South African President Nelson Mandela lived, on and off, for more than 14 years. Read more here


South Africa’s sun-soaked coast lies ready, all-year round, to share its secrets, adventures and lazy days with you. With golden beaches and unspoiled nature, it’s more than just the place where the cool Atlantic and warm Indian Oceans meet. It’s 2500km of pure wanderlust. Read more here

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